Diving snorkeling whale watching is Reeffers, at Kerama in Okinawa.

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How to contact
How to contact us

Thank you for visiting Reeffers diving shop’s homepage.
Please reserve one of our diving or whale watching tours.

Points to note with reservations.

  • Please notify us of your name, address, contact number and questions you have when sending us your enquiry by fax or email.
  • Please confirm your travel plans before making a reservation with us.
  • Once submitting your reservation form you will receive a confirmation email from us. Your reservation is now complete.
  • In the case that you don't receive a confirmation email from us please make another reservation.
  • If you have a request for a different diving style, please write your comment in the remarks section allocated.
  • A cancellation fee of 50% will be charged if a cancellation is made after 19:00 2 days prior to your tour date. Please take caution with this.
  • A cancellation fee of the full amount of your tour (100%) will be charged if a cancellation is made after 19:00 the day before your reserved date. Please take caution with this.
  • If a change to your reservation is made the day before your tour date a fee of ¥2,000 per person will be charged. Please take caution with this.
  • You will receive a call from one of the staff at Reeffers to confirm your booking the day before your tour.

contact form
Reservation/ Enquiry form

Reservation form

    Desired tour date
    month  day (Number of days)
    Number of participants
    Male  female Child
    Children up to the age of 11 will be charged at child’s prices.
    Tour Menu
    Booking representatives name
    Mobile Phone/ Home phone number
    Email address
    Have you joined a tour with us before?
    If you have joined a tour with us before, please tell us the date you last joined us.
    Last date you joined a tour with us. Year  Month
    Accommodation Hotel in Okinawa
    Do you require rental equipment from us? requiredon't require
    Please notify us of all names, ages, if required- items you would like to rent, height, weight, shoe sizes and whether you wear glasses for ALL participants in your group. Please also include and questions or enquires you have.

    Enquiry form

      Full name
      Email address
      Contact number
      Tour menu
      Your questions and enquiry.

      Contact us
      Contact us



      Reservations can be made any time online.
      or LINE Mark Add friend.

      If you wish to make a reservation, have any enquires
      about our tours or any other related questions please contact us.